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From the Introduction

Are You Two Sisters? traces the life of a lesbian couple over time, beginning in the 1980s with a meeting on a university campus, and through the several decades that follow as the two women become increasingly intimate with each other and share adventures in the larger world. Throughout, I raise the question: What difference does it make that the two women are lesbian? What makes them similar to others? What makes them different? What can be learned from following in the steps of these two women and considering their self-other dilemmas? Especially, I ask, why does lesbianism remain so often invisible?

…In these pages, I tell the story of our journey in a manner both introspective and novelistic, often describing situations between Hannah and myself through dialog and evocative suggestion of scenes. I wish to enable the reader to feel “right there” with us in our life together, to experience things as we did, to see us and, at the same time, to reflect on the journey along with me.
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From Chapter 1, “Our Marriage Day”

Author and partner holding wedding bouquet

I had rolled over in bed earlier that morning and given Hannah a kiss, as I do every morning before getting up. But this day was going to be different. “Happy Marriage Day,” Hannah said from out of her sleep, returning my kiss softly, lingering with it more than usual. “Happy Marriage Day,” I said, feeling an awkwardness about how the day would go, the high expectations, fearing what might be different after the big event. What would it do to us? I wondered. We had been okay as a couple so far. We had come a long way. We’d learned how to get on lovingly with each other, sometimes with pain and effort, but we were doing all right. Now, after thirty-two years together, we were going to change things. Why mess with it? I thought.
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From Chapter 11, “Are You Two Sisters?”

Desert bar in sunlight

I had just stepped out of a bar in southern New Mexico, near the border of Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico, in a tiny, isolated desert town. A man followed me out, opening the door for me, offering to help me to my car. “Are you two sisters?” he asked in a challenging tone as I stepped out of the dark bar and into the open air. He had seen me with Hannah inside while she was paying for our lunch in the adjoining restaurant. I heard his question but did not answer, simply headed for the car. My guide dog Fresco was leading me, eager to get there. The man, having seen I was blind when I stumbled a bit and bumped into tables as I made my way out of the dim interior of the bar, now offered to assist me further, following me as I walked across the dusty parking lot. “Do you need some help?” he asked. Then again, “Are you two sisters?”
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Audiobook cover

The audio samples are from the audiobook of Are You Two Sisters? narrated by Ann Richardson and available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.